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Future Innovations is proud to offer much more than just software development and web design. In fact, you may just be surprised by some of the services we confidently stand behind. If you would like to know more about any of these services, or have questions about the application of our services into your business, please feel free to email our Sales Staff.

 Service Listing:
  •  Web Design / Development
  •  Database & Software Customization
  •  Computer Programming
  •  Troubleshooting
  •  Accounting System Implementation
  •  Business Solution Consulting
  •  Electronic Data Interfacing
  •  Software Automation
  •  Graphic Arts
  •  Computer Education & Training
  •  Online Databases
  •  Computer Sales / Support
  •  Network Support / Installation
  •  Custom CD Business Cards 
  •  Much More...
  • Note: If you are in need of a service that you do not see here, please don't hesitate to ask if we can help. Our knowledge base changes faster than this site, and we are always equal to the task. Contact our Sales staff to find out more

     Web Design / Development

    Specializing in ASP, HTML, Java, Javascript, CGI, XML, and Flash, we bring many options for your web development needs. We are currently designing multiple web sites, including our own. If you are in need of a high quality web site at an affordable price, please contact us. Just as the technology world is, we are constantly growing into new areas of expertise and training

     Database & Software Customizations

    In many situations, a business or practice will already have an existing software package or database that meets most of their needs. In most cases, this software or data can be altered to better meet the needs of your specialized business. If we are not altering databases, we can surely create on in most of today's standard database types. (Access, SQL, Oracle, etc.) Store your information for a later use.

    Computer and Application Programming

    Application development is our specialty at Future Innovations. Often times it is difficult to find a quality software package to meet the needs of your business applications. We develop applications using the industry standards and most effective programming languages. Including (but not limited to), C++, Java, Visual Basic, ASM, TCL/TK, Scheme, Pascal, and Bash Shell Language. Please contact our sales staff if you are interested in finding or creating an application to suit your needs.


    Our consultants are trained to handle a wide array of technical problems with your home or business computer system. We offer full support in the event of an error or malfunction. If you have a computer, network or software problem, feel free to contact us. We'd be glad to come on-site to discuss and troubleshoot your computer systems problems. Note: Emergency support is serviced at an additional charge.

     Accounting System Integration

    Virtually every business is in need of a quality and efficient accounting system. If your business is in need of an accounting package that can also fit your needs, please contact us today. We work in part with a high level accounting package software which supports customization to fit your every accounting need.

     Business Solution Consulting

    Business Solutions by definition are merely methods and answers to the problems that may plague your business or business information systems. These solutions may eliminate data entry, increase marketing abilities, interface software with external hardware, along with many other options, Call today for more information.

     Electronic Data Interfacing

    Business Solutions by definition are merely methods and answers to the problems that may plague your business or business information systems. These solutions may eliminate data entry, increase marketing abilities, interface software with external hardware, along with many other options, Call today for more information.

     Software Automation

    Is there a task that requires repetitious data entry, or multiple entries on the behalf of your staff. We have specialized for years in the automation of software and procedures. Automate these daunting tasks to save you employee time and ultimately money. Call us today to learn about automation and it's capabilities.

     Graphic Arts

    If you are in need of graphic arts and/or web images, we can help. Our trained staff can assist you in the conventional needs (Business Cards, Logo's, etc.) or create an entire site layout for your web needs. If you merely want pictures taken of your business or home, we can digitally transfer all pictures you request.

     Computer Education & Training

    Our knowledgeable staff is able to educate you or your staff in most of today's standard business applications. If you are in need of computer education, our consultants will gladly visit your home or business to setup a training syllabus and educate on the desired application(s) to meet your needs and increase your knowledge level.

     Online Database Creation

    In the modern business setting, you may have a need for the existence of a secure and shared database. This fits customers who have multiple locations, outside sales representatives, and much more. If you would like a demo of an online database, please contact our sales staff immediately.

     Computer Sales / Support

    If you are in the market for a new computer system, we can help. In addition to being a Dell affiliate, we also have locally built computer systems. If you have questions about buying a new computer, we can help. Don't buy a computer based on price alone, make sure that you are getting your moneys worth. We'll meet on an individual basis to discuss what your needs are, and what system will best suit them.

     Custom CD Business Cards & Marketing

    Standing out from your competitors isn't easy. Let Future Innovations create a customized CD Business card for your company. Use enhanced multimedia, advertising, and custom shapes to target potential customers. These attractive cards are great for starting conversation as well as highlighting your products and services. Click here for more information!

     Network Support / Installation

    Your business requires constant and reliable communication and networking capabilities. Security, stability, and cost can be major factors for setting up your new network. In addition, our staff can support many operating systems and the networking for each. Call today for more information.

     Much more to offer...

    In effort to support and supply quality customer service while maintaining the necessary knowledge levels to meet your needs, our consultants range from a wide variety of technical background. Because of this, our services are not limited to those that are listed here. If you cannot find information about a service you are in need of, please contact our sales staff. We value our customers and place full effort to meeting all of our clients needs.

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